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The G-21 team is a music dance and drama team traveling all across Namibia spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through dance, drama and teachings in schools and youth gatherings.


This small outreach team started a few years ago and has been very effective in reaching young people in all areas and walks of life with the gospel.

They are devoted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose passion is to see people being reached with the gospel through dance, music and drama


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WE BELIEVE Generation 21 is a team that is sweeping across Africa raising up young Leaders who will be a generation that will be characterized for Godly leadership.

Our main aim is to empower young people to experience the glory of God.

We are touring Namibia and have our eyes set on reaching out to the entire Southern African region. We want to see Jesus lifted high and God Glorified.




To be God's catalyst in faithfully developing a Pan-African generation of young people who will be characterized by Prowess in spiritual warfare, Boldness in evangelism, Passion in social involvement, and Godliness in leadership, Reflecting an exemplary Christian life.



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