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About Namibia


The name Namibia derives from the Namib Desert, a unique geological feature renowned for the pristine and haunting quality of landscape, which borders on the West Coast of Namibia.


Namibia borders South to Angola, West to Botswana, Northwest to South Africa, and the Atlantic ocean is on the West of the country...continued below


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Church in Capital City


Desert Fish River Canyon
Namibian Desert
Sunset in Kavango West Coast



Namibia is a semi desert land of wide-open spaces. The Kunene and Okavango rivers borders on the North east and Northwest, on the South borders the Orange river, on the East is the Kalahari desert and on the West is the Namib desert. The central part is known as the khomas highlands, which is a mountainous area and the capital city Windhoek is situated there.


This country is a treasure house of divers cultures with eleven different people groups living peaceably together. The largest part of the population lives in rural areas. They range from the Ovahimbas in the northwest, the Oshiwambos in the central north, the Kavangos in the northeast to the Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert in the east, the Damara and Herero in the central part, to the Baster and Nama in the south.


Strong ethnic cultures are still in practice in this country while most of the towns, like the capital city, having a 21st century infrastructure.


Although Namibia has a population of approximately 2 million people in total, it is rich in natural resources. Copper and zinc mines are found in the north, uranium in the west and diamonds in the south. Namibia’s bountiful sunshine, abundance of wildlife, and scenic beauty makes it one of Southern-Africa’s most sought after tourist destinations.


The north of Namibia is a malaria area and recommended prophylaxis should be taken. The remainder of the country poses practically no risk.


The people of Namibia are a humble, open and warm people, who are always willing to greet you with a smile, to invite you into their homes and to lend you a helping hand. They are a people living of modest means.


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